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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Jobs Gathering Place?

Jobs Gathering Place aims to make things simpler. We offer one central location to advertise and find jobs, consultants, scholarships, and training. We help advertisers to reduce the cost of reaching a national audience. We provide a web site that is easy to use. We only list legitimate advertisements, and don't clog up the web site with "filler ads" from other jobs web sites.

What is the difference between an “identified” and an “open entry” job?

An identified position is one that will only consider applications from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person.  These positions are exempt from anti-discrimination laws in order to ensure that the job is filled in a way which satisfies occupational, funding or cultural requirements.  Open entry jobs are those that will consider all applications.

How do I find jobs?

To find jobs, just click on the category of jobs you are interested in to the left of the page.  A list of available jobs in that category will then be displayed.  Jobs are displayed in order of closing date.

Why do some jobs appear in more than one category?

Some jobs fall into a number of categories so you may see that same job advertised in different job category screens.  For example a government job in the Aboriginal health sector may appear under the Health and Community category as well as the Government category.  This is to ensure that you have the best chance of finding the job you are looking for.

How do I apply for a job?

This will depend on the advertiser.  Read each job advertisement for instructions for each specific job.

Apart from jobs, what else can I search for on this web site?

Jobs Gathering Place also allows you to find consultants who specialise in working with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, look through ongoing recruitment campaigns offered by larger employers, and view training and scholarship opportunities.

How do I place a job, ongoing recruitment program, consultant listing or training / scholarship opportunity on the web site?

Advertisements are only accepted by email.  This allows us to offer you this service at the lowest possible price.  Your advertisement will appear within 2 business days of being received.  Click on the “Advertise with us” link at the top of the page for further instructions.

What are the benefits of advertising with us?

We keep things simple.  Your advertisement is only ever a couple of clicks away from any page.  The jobsite is easy to use for job seekers and provides focused national exposure for your advertisement.

How can I contact Jobs Gathering Place?

You can contact us via email by clicking on the “Contact us” link at the bottom of this page.